A Shampoo for Your Sensitive Beard

The world is being so specialized nowadays that even beards have their own shampoo. Yes, you read it right, a beard shampoo.

So, you may be asking, what is the difference between hair and beard shampoos anyway? Found here are answers to these questions. The main difference between the two is that if you regularly use off-the-shelf hair shampoos to wash your beard, then the chemicals in them, such as the sulfates, more than likely strip your beard of the majority of their natural oils. And that is not the end of it. They also dry out the skin beneath your beard hairs.

With these, your much cherished beard will be dry, coarse, and in due time become brittle and unhealthy. More so, there is a great probability that the beard hair will be breaking, falling out, or being prone to bald patches because of weak roots. There is a big chance also of the development of split ends.

It is also important to note that any washing, either using shampoos or water alone, could remove the natural oils in your beard. By using recognized beard shampoos, you will greatly reduce the risk of this happening as there are specifically designed to work with instead of against the natural oils produced by your skin and hair.
Beards can be itchy if not given the care they deserve, especially in the early stages of growth. Incessant scratching is a mistake if you want to avoid beard-ruff. Use beard shampoos if you want to take care and moisturize your beard and avoid dry skin.

It is recommended that you shampoo your beard two to three times a week. With this frequency, the skin underneath it will be given enough time to excrete or accumulate natural oils that are still needed by the beard to stay healthy.

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